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German Dissertation Topics

The influence of Harry Potter on the early child (English) language abilities and education of German kidos. The abandoning of children, a consequence of the increasing distruction of the family or just a reflection of hightened media coverage. Economic:

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  • Dissertation search tools available at Yale Orbis (Yale dissertations only) Orbis holds records for all Yale dissertations for which microfilm copies exist, i.e. all dissertations completed in departments of the Graduate School since 1965, plus select dissertations completed in departments of the Graduate School between 1892 & 1965.

  • DissOnline: Open access dissertations online, a service of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek. Austrian dissertation database: now combined with the Verbundsuchmaschine. Helveticat. The Swiss National Library has a copy of all dissertations written in the country. Add the word “diss” to your search terms in order to retrieve dissertations.

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Тихомир Леселидзе

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